When and If

United States

When General (Then colonel) George S. Patton commissioned one of America’s greatest designers to conceive him a boat to be build by F.F Pendleton of Wiscasset, Maine in 1939, he had the ultimate ambition in mind:
“When the war is over, and If I live through it, Bea and I are going to sail her around the world.”
The designer, John Alden, had made his name as a builder of elite racing schooners that retained all their beauty and style while constantly winning the premier ocean races of the time. When and If was a new idea: a yacht which would maintain all her classic beauty and hold her own in recreational racing whilst being sturdy, comfortable, safe and luxurious enough to take a family on the voyage of a lifetime.

Long after the General’s untimely death in 1945, When and If sails on. Maintained in impeccable condition, When And If remained in the Patton family until 1972 when the General’s nephew, Neal Ayer, made a gift of the vessel to the Landmark school in Prides Crossing, MA where she was the centrepiece of a sail training program for dyslexic children.

In a storm in November of 1990, When And If’s mooring line broke and she was driven onto the rocks. Although the damage was extensive, the structural integrity of the ship was unaffected. At that time, When And If passed back into private ownership, and over the course of the next three years she was painstakingly rebuilt. In June of 1994 she was re-launched. Speaking on that occasion, renowned broadcast journalist Walter Cronkite praised both her wonderful strength as well as the great work of Shipwrights Gannon and Benjamin in Vineyard Haven, MA – the yard that brought her back to life.

Spending the next 17 years cruising the coast of the U.S. and occasionally racing in classic yacht regattas, the When And If turned heads wherever she went.

Early in 2012 Doug Hazlitt, well known in yachting circles for his complete restoration of another famous Alden schooner, Malabar X, purchased the When And If with plans to return the vessel to its original and Bristol condition.

Following an extensive 2 year restoration When and If is back in all her glory and ready for you to come and sail her away!

Class: B
Nationality: United States
Lenght: 19.35 m
Height: 21.85 m
Rig: Barque 3
Year built: 1939